Writing Instruments

The best kind of gift is the one the receiver will use. In the corporate setting, the 'perfect' kind of gift to your clients, customers and even business partners may be a bit difficult to find.

Remember that the most appropriate corporate gift may not exactly be the most expensive or the flashiest one; in fact, it may be a bit mundane! And we know that a mundane gift may be the one that's functional too.

At Speedex Group, we offer customized promotional pens that are far from mundane. Our selection of writing instruments comes in a range of designs, and they all make for a good corporate gift. We're proud to say our pens and writing instruments are functional and pleasing.

Custom Writing Pens

Choose from a wide selection of custom promotional pens that are ideal for any business occasion – whether it's an event, part of a promotion, or a freebie to your customers and employees.

We have metal pens and your standard plastic pens, as well as promo pens with logos of your product and business. We also have pencils, pen sets, as well as pen and pencil gift packaging for a more premium gift to your business partners and clients. We also have pencil cases and sundry accessories, such as pen holders that double as nifty desk accessories.

A pen or pencil is a great corporate gift not only because it's functional, but also because it doesn't need that much investment on your part. These affordable corporate gifts have a deceptively high value and show professionalism to both your business peers and your clients.

On top of that, it can also be used as part of your promotional efforts; we're sure clients are going to remember you and your business whenever they reach out for that pen.

View our selection of custom company pens, pencils and accessories below.