Exhibition & POS

A good trade show and exhibition of your products is a great promotional effort that will drive customers and clients to your business. But the success of your promotional efforts isn't solely resting on how great your product is; it also owes its success on how effectively you present it.

After all, the delivery of your message is as important as its contents. It might be silly thinking about how good looking your displays and exhibition stands are, but ensuring the attractiveness of your main presentation platform will help you deliver your message clearly.

At Speedex Group, we offer a range of trade show display stands and exhibition stands for your promotional efforts. Our displays for trade show booths will be custom fitted and designed to serve as a reflection of your business and the product you're featuring, drawing in customers, clients and potential business partners.

Exhibition Products

We offer custom built and custom designed exhibition stands, as well as sundry accessories to draw your customers in. Choose from our selection of banner mesh, pull up banners, as well as signs that we can easily custom design to feature your products and business logo.

Our Banner Mesh products are great for events in locations with high winds. You can count on their sturdiness and stability. Our pull up banners, on the other hand, are simple and eye-catching exhibition pieces that only need a quick pull up to display your product, business and logo. Finally, our signs are a reliable form of promotional marketing that you can custom design with your brand and logo.

When it comes to trade show displays and stands, you can count on Speedex Group to deliver high quality and eye catching products that will draw your customers in and help you deliver your company's product and message. Let us know when you'll be having your next event or convention. We'll work with you closely to ensure your promotional efforts are a success.

View our selection of exhibition products below.