Corporate gifts come in all shapes and sizes, and nothing is more thoughtful than corporate USB sticks. Flash drives are almost a necessity in the corporate world – having replaced CDs and the even older diskette as the storage device of choice for several years now.

But flash drives are more than just a handy storage device to bring to work. These small yet powerful devices make for good business gifts – whether the person you’re gifting it to is your client, a customer, or your employees or business partners.

At Speedex Group, we offer a range of promotional USB flash drives for your corporate gifting needs. These useful devices are suitable for any occasion – whether it’s a freebie for an event or a little gift during a meeting.

Personalised USB Sticks

We create personalised USB sticks that range from your standard flash drive to more aesthetic pieces. Apart from the standard flash drive, you can choose from pen and credit card USBs for a more professional setting, and even custom shaped flash drives that depict your product.

We also have a wide selection of flash drive accessories such as lanyards, chains and USB packaging.

A Wide Range of Options

Our extensive selection comes in various playful designs and styles, leaving you with many options to choose from. Our range of promotional USBs includes:

  • Bamboo USBs
  • Pen USBs
  • Credit Card USBs
  • Domed USBs
  • Key Shaped USBs
  • Pen USBs
  • Metal USBs
  • Custom Shaped USBs
  • Silicone USBs
  • Standard USBs

We also offer a range of USB accessories, lanyards and types of packaging that we can deliver to you anywhere in Australia. You can rely on our personalised USB sticks to stand out, whether they are given as a freebie for your customers or a premium gift item for your clients and business partners.

Why USBs?

Flash drives are great corporate gifts because not only are they functional, they also don’t cost that much. They can also be used as a part of your promotional campaign – allowing you to extend your brand beyond your normal reach.

Whatever your business occasion is, a custom designed flash drive is the ideal corporate gift that doesn’t require you to burn a hole in your wallet. Whether you’re looking to give out your standard USB flash drives or more professionally designed ones that promote your product, you can count on us to deliver high quality and well-designed pieces.

View our selection of USB flash drives below.